Everything is new, sigh.

So it’s not actually all fun and good times here. It was a big move and there have been adjustments for all of us. We miss many things about Massachusetts, but mostly the people. It gets tiring going to events where you don’t know anyone or the people you do know are not much more than acquaintances. We have been lucky and made several good friends here but that’s not the same as being surrounded by people who have known you for years and have been with you through lots of stuff. Sometimes I just want to be in a room full of people who really know me. Here then is a list of things I miss. 1. Daily interactions with good friends. OK maybe I didn’t see my friends every day, but frequently enough to give me a boost. 2. A community of people who are ready and willing to step in and give your children a ride somewhere if you have to work or who you can invite over to dinner at a moment’s notice. I’m sure this will come with time, but I sure do miss it now. 3. The woods behind our MA house. We are in a much more suburban neighborhood now, and while it’s pretty, it’s not the same as our 1 acre with wetlands behind. 4. Recognizing people at the grocery store! There is a family run grocery store in the center of town, much like Donelans in Littleton but I don’t often see people I know there. Neighbors describe Verona the way people describe Littleton, though, as a small town where everyone knows everyone so hopefully it is just a matter of time. 5. My garden. In the fall I missed fresh herbs and the end of the roses blooming. Now I’ll have to wait and see what comes up. I think there are a few spring bulbs poking through and some dormant perennials are greening up. There are also 3 lilac bushes in the side yard that I can’t wait to see in bloom. There isn’t much else though besides shrubbery. I guess that means there is lots of potential. New things to experience, new ways to do things and being courageous enough to try them. Clearly it’s time to get to work and plan the garden, nourish some friendships and step into the community like I belong here.

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8 Responses to Everything is new, sigh.

  1. Marianne says:

    And here are some things we miss about you:
    1. Book club. Yes, it was on life-support before you moved, and I think it has officially died now.
    2. Marshmallow roasts.
    3. Informal dinners.
    4. Seeing you at the grocery store, Sunday Mass, school events, road races, etc.
    Looking forward to your return visit this summer!

  2. Sue Carrai says:

    You are missed, Carolyn. You a very courageous. Good friends and the familiar have gotten me through this past, difficult year. So, I empathize. I hope this spring brings you the growth of new friendships. All my best. Sue

  3. SR Anne Paye says:

    Carolyn, this is a lonesome time for you. Perhaps itemizing what you miss helped a bit. Your move to Verona and all you’ve done in eight months indicate your courage and capacity to adapt.

    Love, Anne ________________________________

  4. mariannedc says:

    Great attitude, Carolyn. I found that just jumping in by getting involved in a new community does wonders in getting to meet people. I lined up a couple of hikes in the DC area for the weekends immediately after my move, even before I even got here. The Internet is great for research on that kind of thing. Then once I settled on my parish I got involved with teaching English and the food pantry. Of course, being single gives me more time for that kind of thing plus a lot of incentive to get involved because I don’t like going home alone and just sitting around. Must be a Comfort women’s trait. 🙂

  5. Jacqueline Smith says:

    Hang in there! It does get better. We will have been here for 2 years in July and it took the first year to find our rhythm. We had a Christmas Carol sing that first December and invited our immediate neighbors, who, much to our surprise, all came! and then they requested it again this year…now a tradition I guess. But it was a great way to meet everyone. I think the best thing for us has been finding a church (which we didn’t realize was Susan Knapp Thomas’ church until we showed up and there she was!). That’s where we have met people and made friends because we don’t have kids in school. I’m sure you meet people through activities and school events. It will get better. One of my favorite things has been watching what pops up out of the ground too! Even this year, new things that didn’t show last spring are cropping up. It’s fun, you’ll find new things all season. Write more too. We love to hear it 🙂


    • cmccantrell says:

      Hi Jackie! Thanks for the encouragement. We hosted a New Year’s Day party and invited all the neighbors. Quite a few came and thought it was so nice of us to do. It’s been a long winter with people hibernating, so we hope to see more folks out and about now.

  6. OK, I can add to your list…no more after-gig gabs around the island until the wee hours; I don’t think we’ve had anyone over for dinner since you left; no carpooling; no post-concert parties after Indian Hill (although Kimberly did step up this weekend to host one); no one who can pull off drinks and dinner with 20 minutes notice; and having to celebrate the little things (Max is driving!!) as well as life’s milestones (50!!!!!!!) without best buddies to share it with us. It’s been an adjustment and just less fun around here without you! But, chin up, it’s your first spring in WI and everything will be new and exciting! Throw a few herbs in a pot on your deck then spend your time discovering all that your new home has to offer: break out your bike and discover new terrain, uncover new blossoms in your yard hidden beneath stale leaves, invite someone new for coffee, sign up for a triathlon, take up pottery…before you know it, Verona will really feel like home!

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