The Frostiball!

Last weekend we attended the annual Frostiball put on by Downtown Madison Inc. We didn’t know much about it but had heard that it is THE social event of the year in Madison. Pictures online of last year’s event showed it to be a very dressy affair with many glittery gowns and tuxedos. Mark’s well-worn tux is only fit to be seen in a dark orchestra pit so he opted for a nice suit and bow tie. I have a black sequin-y cocktail dress that for some reason I had never worn and decided that this was the occasion.

We met our friends Andrew and Mary for drinks at the Madison Club first and then took the complimentary shuttle over to the Overture Center, eliminating the choice of walking on the snowy sidewalks in high heels or committing the fashion faux pas of wearing clunky boots with my nice dress. The Overture Center is a ten year old performance space with several theaters inside. The lobby is 3 stories high with windows overlooking the capitol, so it provides a dramatic background.



There was a band playing and lots of yummy appetizers and drinks. There was even a woman wearing a dessert table!



We had a great time dancing, meeting folks and people watching. The thing about living in a small city is that there aren’t lots of events like this, so everyone comes out on a cold evening to celebrate. It was amazing how many people we had some connection to and we’ve only been here 5 months. We will definitely be back next year.


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One Response to The Frostiball!

  1. ANNE PAYE says:

    As always, Carolyn, your tale and pictures are vivid. Your parents will visit me tomorrow. Feb. 11. I’m looking forward to seeing them. Love, Anne

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