Trolls in Wisconsin

My parents were visiting a few weeks ago so we took the opportunity to venture outside of the Madison area to see what else there is to see. We didn’t have to go far. The village of Mt. Horeb is only 12 miles from Verona and is billed as the troll capitol of the world, demonstrating the citizens’  sense of humor. Originally settled by Norwegian immigrants in the early 19th century much of that heritage remains. Back in the late ’80s the highway was rerouted to bypass the town. Concerned citizens were afraid this would amount to a drop in visitors so they came up with the idea of sprinkling trolls throughout the village as a way to entice people. A local woodcarver created the first ones with names such as The Chicken Thief and The Accordion Player and other artists followed suit. We spotted a few of the more than 20 trolls on the Trollway.





There were lots of cute shops and beautiful Scandinavian things. It was too early to think about the holidays then, but I am eager to go back to pick some of the lovely Christmas decorations we saw. Also on the list: The Grumpy Troll Brew Pub!

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One Response to Trolls in Wisconsin

  1. ANNE PAYE says:

    Carolyn, whoever dreamed up these trolls either was subject to nightmares or should have been hired by Jim Hanson for Sesame St.
    Love, Anne

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