The Vagaries of Moving

There are some things you just don’t anticipate when you move. Like it’s hard to live without twist-ties.Who knew? Of course we didn’t pack any twist-ties with our kitchen things but when we started going about daily life here I realized I really needed them! You can’t buy them in a store either (as far as I know) so we had to make sure we bought bread equipped with twist-tie-fitted bags instead of those useless plastic closures. I think I have a good stash now.

Similarly, when it came to painting the girls’ rooms we didn’t have any disposable plastic containers for pouring a small amount of paint in in lieu of lugging the whole paint can up the ladder. Arggh! Not wanting to make another trip to the store to buy something I resorted to pouring the rest of the milk into a glass jar and cutting down the jug to the right size. Is that pathetic?

Navigating a new grocery store is so time consuming! I’ve been to many grocery stores in an effort to find one I really like, so I haven’t really learned the layout of any of them. Are the cocktail cherries with the olives or in the canned fruit section? Why can’t I find steak tips? Israeli couscous anyone? I guess I need to pick just one soon so I can cut my shopping time down to less than the multiple hours it seems to take now.

People told us that midwesterners are SO nice. I thought, OK, but people in New England are nice too, their reputation not withstanding. I mean, our friends are nice, our neighbors are nice, the people in stores are (mostly) nice. What do midwesterners have over the rest of us? It turns out they are super helpful. If you ever ask an employee in a store where to find an item, they ALWAYS walk you right to it. No searching for the fourth shelf two-thirds of the way down aisle 16 by yourself. They will then make sure that is the item you wanted and ask you if there is anything else they can help you with. I don’t recall that happening too much in Massachusetts. One time after not finding the item I was looking for an employee tried to brainstorm where else in the store it might be located and similar items that might work (Pilsbury pizza dough in the cardboard tube, Boboli pre-baked crust, already rolled out dough from the bakery; fresh pizza dough does not seem to be a popular item here). At this point I was rushing to get through the store (very East Coast of me) so I could pick up Olivia at dance and was ready to ditch the dough, can you please just stop talking and let me go(!) but he was determined. He was just being NICE.

We assumed we were accustomed to the sounds a house can make at various times of the day and night, so we were startled to wake up to a flushing noise around 2:30 am a few weeks after moving in. It sounded like a giant toilet flushing. Not a good sound. Fearing a water pipe had broken Mark fearlessly made his way to the basement only to find that the water softening system was flushing and recharging. It does this about once per month, always in the middle of the night, but now we just roll over and doze back off.

It’s also pretty frustrating not being able to find things in your own house. I know we brought extension cords with us but where are they? Duct tape, that do-everything problem solver, didn’t we have multiple rolls? A baseball hat of Mark’s (yes he does need to wear that specific one today, not one of the 16 others!) – did it come with us? Sigh. I give up. Time to make dinner. If only I could find the dough hook for the mixer to make pizza dough.

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4 Responses to The Vagaries of Moving

  1. ANNE PAYE says:

    Carolyn, this too good not to publish! I bet your newspaper would welcome it. I’m sending it to a friend in MI. She will be delighted to know how NICE mid-westerners are. Love, Anne

  2. Sue Carrai says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all, in your new home.

  3. Marianne says:

    Hi C,
    Please do not become too Midwestern on us! All that supermarket helping sounds irritating to me, and Pillsbury instead of fresh pizza dough?? Please tell me you resisted! Your My School friends are here for you if you need a dose of New England edginess … and we miss you!

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