Crazy Cat

Our cat Ellie was a great traveller on our halfway-across-the-country trek. We had gotten a natural sedative from the vet to help her out but it turned out she didn’t really like it and only ate one. We had taken her on a few car rides leading up to our departure in order to get her used to the car but she still meowed softly in her crate as soon as we left Littleton. Maybe she was sad too? The girls thought she would like some music so they put on a funny classical music CD for her which actually calmed her down after 20 minutes or so. They declared that she liked Mozart best. Was it the orderliness of his pieces or the lovely melodies? In any case whenever she started to cry we sang or put more soothing music on and it always did the trick.

Ellie is loving the new house. We have so much more space plus hardwood floors which add up to lots of fun for her! At night we hear her run across the floor, scramble to stop herself (or sometimes skid into the wall!) and then go back in the other direction for more. She is having a blast. For those of you who know her, fear not, she is still the ambush cat. Her favorite thing now is to hide out beneath our new chaise longue and swipe at us as we walk by. I much prefer that to her clawing at it which she also does. The movers seem to have lost her scratching post so we bought her a new one which she actually uses! Here she is sleeping on it after an active night of playing.


This is a much newer and tighter house so we imagine her dreaming of all the mice she left behind in our old one.


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