We wanted try to see at least a bit of what Madison has to offer as soon as we could. We had a grueling day of moving in on a Friday at the end of August. It was hot and humid and the movers were late showing up. The day was salvaged by: 1. Our stuff all making it off of the truck and into the house with minimal breakage. (Some of it miraculously so – who packs wine glasses at the bottom of a box?!?)  2. A package waiting for us containing beautiful address labels from my friend Sharon, reinforcing the concept that this is now our home. 3. Our very thoughtful realtor Susan dropping off a lasagna from Gino’s Deli. It was truly the best I’ve ever had and not just because I was hot, tired and famished. The Italian bread, silverware, plates and wine (yay!) completed the meal so that we didn’t have to think about a thing.

Saturday we left the boxes as they were and went to the Farmer’s Market, mentioned in a previous post. We had such a good time we went back to Capitol Square on Sunday for A Taste of Madison. This is an annual event where restaurants from all over Madison set up booths and sell a few select items from their menu in small portions – thus the “taste.” All food offerings are $4 or less. This being Wisconsin there is also beer for sale. I believe it’s all a fund raiser for a charity but I’m not sure which one.

Similar to the Farmer’s Market you walk around the square counter-clockwise, this time with grills sizzling, hot oil bubbling  and delicious smells wafting over you. There were also three huge stages hosting local bands that were rockin’ the the place. Madison has plenty of ethnic restaurants and they were well represented here. I had empanadas, Olivia tried sesame chicken with noodles and Mark had Mexican pork. Here is a picture of Rose eating bacon on a stick with Mark reaching in to try some!


 Very tasty indeed!

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2 Responses to Exploring

  1. ANNE PAYE says:

    Carolyn, life in WI sounds more exciting than in Littleton. An added plus: your governor just signed a bill to reduce property taxes, according to the Washington Post.

  2. Marianne Comfort says:

    Great descriptions, Carolyn! So cool that you are connecting with a college friend. And what great experiences you’re having! It’s refreshing to see that all of the US isn’t homogenized, looking all the same, but still retains regional and even state-by-state distinctions. I just have to figure out how to get notified when you post something.

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