Cheese curds

We have had fabulous fall weather since we’ve been here – temps in the seventies and lots of sunshine. The farmers are lamenting the lack of rain but we aren’t complaining. We have been to the Dane County Farmer’s Market on Capitol Square in Madison  on several Saturdays. It is the largest farmer’s market in the country and it gets crowded! People are very civilized though. Everyone walks around the square counterclockwise visiting all the vendors. There is produce of every kind plus flowers, homemade jams and pickles and of course cheese. It’s true, Wisconsinites love their cheese! New to me are cheese curds. Before cheddar cheese is placed in a block and aged the curd is salted and quick chilled so it forms a random, natural shape. The key is the freshness. If they are very fresh (made that day) they squeak when you chew them. The sound is described as 2 balloons necking. Farmer’s actually advertise them as “So fresh they squeak!” Not what you usually look for in a food product but I will say they taste good. Beer battered fried cheese curds are on EVERY restaurant menu. One tongue-in-cheek description I ran across said, “Rats who are fed this remarkable food develop an unusual capacity to polka and drink beer.”


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One Response to Cheese curds

  1. ANNE PAYE says:

    Carolyn, there is something wrong when your weather is 70° or more and it is in the 50s in Dallas. The cheese curds sound wickedly delicious! Anne

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