We had heard that Homecoming was a big deal in our little town of Verona and we found that out first-hand on Friday. Each day of the week leading up to it was some sort of spirit day at the girl’s school. Here they are on “twin” day.



The parade was scheduled for 4:00 Friday, going from the high school to the center of town. At about 3:45 people started streaming down our street to get to the parade start – mothers pushing toddlers and babies in strollers, elementary school kids, retirees – and they were all wearing the school colors of orange and black! I met the girls over at the school and we found a good viewing spot (that is until they ditched me to be with their friends). 

There is no walking in this parade! The football team came first, sitting on a flatbed truck, followed by the middle school team and all the Pop Warner teams – dozens of them it seemed. We are in football country here. They were followed by the cheerleaders and all the other athletic teams – golf, soccer, tennis, swimming, volleyball! Then came the Homecoming Court, each couple riding on the back of a convertible driven by a smiling parent. Quite a few clubs joined the procession too. I loved the science club in their lab coats! The band had it easy as they too were sitting in chairs on a truck. All in a sea of orange.

I had noticed lots of kids lining the route had brought plastic bags with them. I thought it was for sitting on the damp grass but soon found out the real reason: most of the groups in the parade were throwing candy to the spectators. Obviously this was a big hit.

That night Mark and I went to a dinner with several supporters of the orchestra while the girls went to the high school football game. We are not huge football fans in our house, but of course it’s all about the socializing anyway. Middle school students are required to sit in the student section and remain there unless they are with their parents. Olivia happily hung out with her friends but Rose was glad to be “sprung” from the student section by her friends’ parents and Mark and I were able to enjoy our evening knowing the girls could walk home from the event!


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One Response to Homecoming

  1. ANNE PAYE says:

    Carolyn, you are settling in to a very new way of life in Verona. It sounds like a great hometown.

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