The Big Move

When it came time to actually leave our Littleton house I don’t think any of us were prepared for how it would feel. We took a photo and one last look, then piled into the car. We were all crying and Mark and I especially were wondering if we had made the right decision in making this move. It’s one thing to look forward to a new adventure and quite another to feel the loss of such a wonderful community. Of course we will always have our friends there and all the wonderful memories, but it’s a scary feeling to go out into the unknown. Add to that the voices of Olivia and Rose asking why we had to leave and you have two distraught parents. Fortunately the tears didn’t last too long as Rose remembered our friend Matt telling her to pinch Olivia every 5 minutes during the car ride. Olivia warned Rose not to try it or she wouldn’t live to see the NY state border. Thank you Matt for giving us a way to change the mood just when we needed it most! Rose cried again when we stopped a rest stop and I cried as we crossed the MA state line. Then Rose announced that she was done crying for the day, and she was.


We had a restful few days in Syracuse visiting my family. It was just what we needed after the stress of packing and dealing with the movers. Nothing like the butter sculpture at the New York State Fair to put things in perspective!

Our next stop was Niagara Falls. Thank you Natalie for the great hotel recommendation! I hadn’t been to the falls since I was a kid and the girls had never been. It truly is spectacular! We went to the Canadian side which lives up to its reputation for being the better side. It is beautiful to stroll along the walkway and view the falls from different distances. It was a gorgeous sunny day and we saw numerous rainbows. It must happen all the time there. We also went into the tunnels behind the falls for a different perspective which was very cool. We had dinner overlooking the falls and happily stopped at the duty free shop before re-entering the states to pick up enough gin to keep us sedated for a while.



The next day was our super long one, traveling through PA, OH, IN and IL before arriving in WI. Except for PA, they were all new states for the girls. They kept track of all the license plates we saw and at the end of the trip we had seen cars from 46 states! It was pretty uneventful – lots of corn fields and flat landscape. Then we got to the construction and traffic around Chicago. I don’t want to do that again any time soon. The posted speed limit was 45 but we would have been happy to go that fast! I was tired from driving so far already (we had taken both cars so we were both driving) and the slow-down was about all I could take. We rolled into Madison around 9 PM only to found out that I had booked a room for the previous night. Another round of near-tears for me. They were able to give us a room, but we were out the money we had put down previously. Oh well. After a decent dinner including Wisconsin’s ubiquitous dish – fried cheese curds – we collapsed into bed. We had arrived.


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8 Responses to The Big Move

  1. Nancy says:

    What a journey! I hope you guys are settling in your new home. Alyssa enjoys texting with Rose and keeps us posted. I love the blog idea!

  2. Bob Couture says:

    Carolyn, this is great writing–another Little House on the Prairie in the works! Good luck. We miss you.

  3. Anne Paye says:

    Hurray for you on your blog, Carolyn! Writing is in your McCarthy/ Paye genes. Your descriptions are vivid and the emotions of all are touching. I trust you are making new relationships even as you cherish long time friendships. Love and prayers for this new phase of your lives. Anne

  4. Julie Fredericksen says:

    Love it and can’t wait for more! Still hard to believe I won’t be bumping into you at Donolan’s or dining with you before MRT 😦 but I know you will thrive in this new chapter of your life and we will see you before too long! Hello to the girls and Mark!!

  5. Maria Beck says:

    I think of you every day…actually four times a day when I drive by your house. I used to see Olivia get off of the bus many days. My brother just relocated a year this past June to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It was dfficult for their children at first, but they have already settled in and feel at home. I am sure your family will do the same. Enjoy the “newness” of your adventure and drink it all in!!!

  6. E misses Olivia and says Nutcracker won’t be the same…best wishes!

  7. Lynn DeLorenzo says:

    I’m practically crying just reading about you all leaving in tears! So glad you are writing – I know I will enjoy feeling in-touch with you all this way 🙂

  8. Heidi MacGregor says:

    Thank you for sharing your journey with your blog! I’m so glad to hear you all arrived safely. Enjoy your new adventure!

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